Getting Help

Knowledge Base

Our Help Docs are the best place to get instant answers. The library has everything — product tutorials, step-by-step instructions, deep dives on all of our features and capabilities, and even some of our team’s favorite tips and tricks. 

Customer Support

There are two main ways you can get in touch with our support team:

  1. Email our support team at any time -
  2. Send us a message via the “Contact Us” form on the bottom right corner of our Knowledge Base.

Integrated Support Widget for Help and Assistance

You can use the integrated support widget to access documentation and request assistance. Learn how to search for help articles and contact support through email or chat directly from your admin panel, making it convenient and easy to get the help you need.

Keep in mind that the interface in our videos may vary from your editor as we continually update and improve our product. Despite these differences, core principles and functions remain consistent, providing valuable guidance.
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